Spend every moment with joyful and positive impressions


On this trip, everything is thought out especially for you: the best hotels and guesthouses in Armenia, interesting excursions and all kinds of entertainment.


Together we will choose the location you want to visit, you get to decide on your own how much time you will spend in a particular city and where you will go afterward.


All people are different, as well as their preferences, desires, tastes. Traveling on your own, you choose your own daily program, based on your interests, you decide what to visit in the first place - a museum, a family farm or go for a walk.


This, by the way, is a weighty advantage: we go on a journey not only to rest from work but also to be alone with the family, which cannot be expected from a group tour.

For whom are the individual tours to Armenia suitable?

  • People tired of city bustle
  • Those who want to feel like a piece of centuries-old history, visiting ancient monasteries, temples and reserved places
  • Eager to see the beauty of the mountains, dense green forests, breathe the purest mountain air
  • Lovers of rural life, wishing to get acquainted with the hospitable and good-natured people from Armenian villages, to learn a little more about the life of the ancient Armenian people
  • Gourmets who are ready to try Armenian cuisine, which is cooked predominantly from ecologically pure products, learn about the gastronomic traditions of the country and even cook one of the Armenian dishes yourself
  • To those who want to say to themselves on arrival home: “I really rested and am now full of energy!


Individual tours are our specialty

Armenia is an ideal place for organizing individual holidays, i.e. rest, as you see it, filled with the impressions, events, emotions that you expect from the trip. Off-road driving, rafting, paragliding, wine, and brandy tasting, visits to health complexes with mineral waters, dishes from eco-friendly products and much more that you can see here. The advantage of a tour of this format is that you can spend time in accordance with personal preferences, to devote the trip to whatever is the most likable and pleasant. Along with an individual geographic program of visiting our unique natural and historical sights, there is a large number of additional services -organization of catering and master classes, provision of personal transport, possible planning of travel with children, the presentation of entertainment infrastructure and much more, whatever is suitable for you. As a rule, individual tours are ordered by tourists who want to get maximum impressions from the services, which are usually not included in standard travel packages.